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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production

  • Various packages to meet different needs.
  • Phosphor-specific and other modification-specific antibodies
  • Large scale monoclonal antibody production from cell cultures or ascites
  • Free antigen design
  • In addition to IgG, we also provide monoclonal IgM.
  • In combination with our peptide library construction , we offer epitope mapping service.
  • Milestone payment plan
  • Customer owns all right of antibodies.

Service Summary

Catalog # Service Package Price ($)
MAB201 Anti-protein Monoclonal Antibody Package Email us for a quote
MAB203 Complete Anti-peptide Monoclonal Antibody Package Email us for a quote
MABSP1 Phospho-specific Monoclonal Antibody Package Email us for a quote
MABSP2 Other Site-specific Monoclonal Antibody Package Email us for a quote

Service detail

MAB203                                   Complete Anti-peptide Monoclonal Antibody Package
Total time:                    5-6 month
Total price:                   
Customer provide:    A peptide sequence (free antigen design assistant is available)
Customer receive:   Two vials each of the selected hybridomas producing antigen-specific antibodies together
                                       with 3-5 ml ascites and 3-5 mg peptide
The service is broken into 4 phases. The result of each phase will be emailed to customer to allow you make selections and decide if to proceed to the next phase.
1. Peptide synthesis and conjugation, (~3 weeks)
Peptide length: 15 residues including the Cys for KLH conjugation ( A Cys will be added to either end of the peptide and the other end will be blocked)
Peptide purity: >90%;
Peptide quantity: 15-20 mg
Conjugation: Cys method. Other methods are also available.
Carrier protein: KLH. Other carriers such as BSA and OVA are also available upon request.
2. Immunization and ELISA screening, ( ~6 weeks)
5 Balb/c mice are immunized and boosted according to the standard immunization protocol. Immunization may continue longer if response is not optimal. Tail bleeds are screened by ELISA ( Western blot and other screening methods are available upon request. For details, please click here )
3. Fusion and screening of specific clones, ( ~6 weeks )
Once an acceptable titer is obtained, hybridoma fusion will be performed using splenocytes from the mouse showing the best titer. The hybridoma cells are expanded and screened by ELISA to select clones that show the best titers ( Western blot and other options are available. Please click here for the detail)
4. Subcloning , (~7 weeks)
Two clones selected by the customer will be subcloned three times by limiting dilution. Isotypes of all selected clones will be determined.
5. Delivery and report
2 vials each of the selected hybridomas producing antigen-specific antibodies together with 3-5 ml ascites will be delivered to customer.
The final report includes the data of titer for the monoclonal antibodies, ELISA > 1:5000 (protein antigen) or >1:2000 (peptide antigen).
Additional Services:
Antigen design
free (about antigen design)
Large scale monoclonal antibody production
For large scale production of a monoclonal antibody developed either by us or in your own lab, please email us for a quote. We can produce them from cell culture or from accites.
Antibody purification
1. Protein A column
Instead of ascites, the final delivery can be the antibody purified by a protein A column
for purification of large amount of antibodies produced by cell culture method, please email us for a quote.
2. Peptide affinity column

Additional clones in Phase III

Antibody labelling
Biotin or fluorescence (FITC) labeling service is available. Please email us for a quote
MABSP1                               Phospho-Specific Monoclonal Antibody Package
Service summary
Basically, two peptides with the same sequence will be synthesized. One is phosphorylated and the other is not. The phospho-peptide will be used for immunization. Screening will be performed against both peptides. Only those that react to phospho-peptide but not to non-phospho peptide will be selected for subsequent subcloning. Similar to MAB203, the service is consisted of 4 phases:
1. Peptide synthesis and conjugation
Two peptides (phospho- and de-phospho) up to 15 aa each. >90% purity
2. Immunization and ELISA screening (5 mice)
3. Fusion and screening phospho-specific clones
4. Subcloning
See MAB203. The antibody will only react to the phosphorylated sequence. The de-phosphorylated version of the same sequence will not react to the antibody.
In addition to phospho-specific, we also develop other site specific monoclonal antibodies using the similar strategy. Please email us your requirement for a quote
MAB201                                 Anti-protein Monoclonal Antibody Package
This service uses a purified protein as the antigen.
Total time:~ 4-5 month
Total price:
Customer provide: Purified Protein (3-5 mg, >90% purity, lyophilized powder or gel stripe)
The development protocol is same as MAB203 (without peptide synthesis and conjugation