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Monoclonal Antibody : Antibody Guarantee

Monoclonal antibody development is a long and expensive process. Because antigen design is an area far from being perfect, an anti-peptide monoclonal antibody may
fail to produce the anticipated results at the end. To minimized the customers' risk, We have designed two protection schemes to avoid this happens.

1. Milestone based payment

Our monoclonal antibody development service is divided into 4 phases:
   1. Peptide synthesis and conjugation
   2. Immunization of animals
   3. Fusion

We will send you a report at the end of each phase to inform you the results. For the unexpected results, we will make our suggestion , but leave the final decision to you. For an early terminated project , you only need to pay the finished phases. The detail of each phase can be found at our monoclonal antibody main page

2. Optional screening methods

   At the end of phase II (immunization) and phase III (fusion), ELISA screening results
will be reported to customer. However, To make sure that the antibody can perform
other applications (such as Western) as well as ELISA, We would send a small amount
of sample for customer to test upon request. The shipping and handing fee for each
sample is $90 for US customers and $130 for international customers.
   Alternatively, customer can send us protein samples to let us run Western. The price is
$195 per run.

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