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Peptide Synthesis

Peptides are widely used in modern bioresearch and drug discovery. Most peptides are specifically designed for a particular project and custom synthesized with an unique Our single batch capacity is up to kg and purity level is up to 99%, both among the highest in the industry. In addition, EZBiolab also provides peptide library construction, peptide structure determination, peptide assay development and other peptide related services. We are one of the most comprehensive peptide service providers in the world.

  • High quality peptides from mg to kg
  • From crude to >99% purity
  • Long peptides and difficult peptides.
  • An extensive list of labeling and modification, including some very difficult ones:
  • triple phosphorylation sites, double disulfide bridges and various FRET pairs.
  • Peptide library construction
  • 15N/13C labeled peptides
  • Peptide secondary structure determination by CD
  • Functional assay for peptide binding and activity
  • Peptide antigen design for antibody development
  • Industry leading success rate: 97.7% overall and 99.9% regular peptides
  • In stock beta-amyloid peptides and many other common peptides for immediate delivery
  • The best price,by far

EZBiolab pioneered low cost peptide production technology more than a decade ago, which forever changed the landscape of custom peptides industry. Custom peptide is no longer an expensive reagent since then. Today, we are still a few steps ahead. Our prices are as much as 70% lower than our competitors. In addition, we offer deep discount to large orders on top of our rock-bottom price. Please email us to obtain an quote for your peptides. You will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Mass and HPLC results are provided for all purified peptides and desalt grade peptides.
  • Minimal charge for a peptide is 8mer
  • For peptides more than 30 residue long, please contact us for a quote
  • For purity >98% and >99% or amount > 100 mg, please contact us by email
  • Delivery in 2-3 weeks.
  • Shipping carrier is US post office express mail (globe express mail internationally). It is an
  • overnight delivery service. For international delivery, it usually takes 2-4 days.
  • We accept PO numbers or credit cards.
  • We set high quality standard to our products. We guarantee to meet your requirement. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will either re-make the peptides for you or send you refund.